Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who has helped, is helping will help or is thinking of it.  Let us know if you’ve made a donation and we’ll add you to our wall of fame!

Thank you to the following kind and generous people who have donated items, money and time:


Lynn Bailey

Tina Baker

Bud and Gabriele Bates

Becky Beeman

Molly Berry

Matthew Best

Lea Bishop

Tori Bishop

Hayden Blades

Michelle Blanshard

Pat Bolster

Eric and Laura Bryant-Piatkowski

Josh C.

Dave Campbell

Tammy Carpenter

Nick Crohn

Laurie Curto

Michael Diliberto

Doc & Eddy’s (Tempe)

Kate Eaton

Pete Facundo

Bruce Griffin

Ken Grum

Matt Guidi

Meghan Gustafson

Camille H

Kate Haab

Camille Hartmetz

Christine Hippelli

Hoodlums Music and Movies

Jay Hofer

Peter Hopkins

Jester’Z Improv Comedy Group

Kris Jonson

Pat and Char Karnos

McKell Keeney

Verina Kranak

Michael Kriley

Stephen Krystek

Top’s Liquors – Greg Eccles

Colleen Lacy

Lawrence and his Graffiti Shop

Matt LeFevers

Mai Linh Le

Julie Lopez

Steve and Sonya Lybarger

Erin McCarthy

Carol McDermott

Dan McLary

William and Martha McClary

Audrey’s Hair Design – Audrey Miranda

Durb Morrison – Hell City Tattoo Festival

MoxieMae Photography

Priscilla Nelson

Kristin Olson

Kim and Matt Parmon-Freitas

Dan Piatkowski

Brian Powers

Daniel Roche

Jackie Roche

Yvonne Rodriguez

Beth and Roy Rowley

Jonathan Sacks

Andrea Smith-Grum

Tyler Sadler

John and Eloisa Salas

Kathy and Alex Scott of the ParkMart

Jared Sibbitt

Jenn Sloat

Mandie Smith

Ryan Smith

Laura Strelka

Kasandra Stromberg

Matt Summerfield

Synthetic Human Pictures

Alecia Terry

Donovan Terry

Lauren Terry

Paul and Cindy Terry

Theresa Ubben

Ultimate Electronics

Mell Underwood

Manuel Vargas

Donna Ward

Steve Wargo

Steve and Chelsea West

Kelly Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Melissa Yoder

Zia Records



85281st Neighborhood Operations Group


38 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Kim Parmon-Freitas

    Matt and I just donated. I’m sending good energy to AZ for a speedy recovery!

  2. Kyle


    You can list Tina Baker instead of my Dad’s GF. And my sister Kelly Wilson also has donated.


    PS: Knocked it out the park with this site. Nice job.

  3. Kate Eaton

    Please add Tempe Doc & Eddy’s for their donation of a $25 gift certificate!

  4. Mandie Smith

    Add :
    Christine Hippelli
    Colleen Lacy
    Hayden Blades
    Molly Berry
    Ken Grum

    They have all donated clothing/house wares/gift cards

  5. Laura Bryant-Piatkowski

    Eric and I just made a donation to the Wells Fargo Account. Thank you so much for putting this website up and making it so clear for everyone to know how to help.

  6. Yvonne Rodriguez

    I am going to donate once I locate the site. Just found out about this today. I don’t watch the news; however, found out at work today. Will pray for Jen and her boyfriend.

    • Thanks very much! You can donate at any Wells Fargo Bank. Tell them you’re donating to the “Alan Schuler Fire Recovery Fund.” To make a donation you will need the account #7529308400.

      • Yvonne Rodriguez

        I will. This hits me very hard as I was in a couple of fires as a child. One at home and one at school. What they went through was so much more traumatic — having to jump out the 2nd floor. I thank God they are still alive. I pray they will make it through. I heard Jen’s boyfriend is in critical condition and possibly a coma:( We are going to also send a care package from work.

  7. Kyle

    My co-worker Mell Underwood gave me a real nice check for A+J. I’d like to thank him.

    • Big thanks to Mell! Name’s posted 🙂 I’m wondering if maybe people who donate over a certain amount should get a star or something for their extra generous contributions.

  8. Donovan

    Adrienne, can you add:

    Paul and Cindy Terry
    Becky Beeman

  9. Janet

    This is Alan’s Mom — I want to thank all of you for the well wishes and contributions you have made to Alan and Jen. When I have shared the various efforts, etc that are underway with Alan, he has been truely been amazed and so appreciative as has Jen. THANK YOU ALL! Janet

  10. Chelsea West

    Hi! Steve & I went into a Wells Fargo Saturday to make our donation. You guys are awesome for setting this up for them. Alan & Jen have incredible friends 🙂

  11. Kyle

    I received a check for A+J from Yvonne Rodriguez (she’s already listed). Thanks Yvonne!

  12. A couple of co-workers who have helped out with donations. Please add:

    Donna Ward
    Lynn Bailey

    Thank you.

    Eric (Jenn’s Dad)

    P.S. Thanks to all who have made this wonderful outreach to Jennifer and Alan. They are truly blessed to have friends like you.

  13. Erin McCarthy

    I just heard and put in a donation. I’m so sorry to hear the news, but I’m glad that he is doing better. I send prayers and good thoughts from California

  14. Kyle

    Thanks to following for sending in mail donations (now listed above):

    Steve & Sonya Lybarger
    Ryan Smith
    Julie Lopez

  15. Kyle

    Also, William and Martha McClary sent in a mail donation as well.

    Thanks all!

  16. Janet

    Hi Adrienne,

    Please add Bud and Gabriele Bates (grandparents).

    Thank you,

  17. Kate Eaton

    Jenn Sloat donated some pots and pans!

  18. Janet Bonnenfant

    please add Beth and Roy Rowley

    Thank you,

  19. DURB Morrison, who own and organizes the Hell City Tattoo Festival, has donated a weekend pass for Hell City 2010 (August 27-29) for the raffle ($50 Value). I don’t have a physical ticket, all I need is the winner’s Name, Phone and Email address and they will be placed on the guest list

  20. Mai-Linh

    I have some more Thank Yous to add to the list!

    Jackie Roche
    Laura Strelka
    Carol McDermott
    Brian Powers

    Raffle Donations
    Hoodlums Music and Movies-

    Zia Records-

  21. Mandie Smith

    Please add Jay Hofer and Steve Wargo to the Thank you’s 🙂

  22. Mandie Smith

    Please add Lawrence and his Graffiti Shop to the Thank you’s too 🙂

    • Should I put a last name? I don’t know what his is. Is there a website for his Graffiti Shop that I can link to?

      • Mandie Smith

        I have one of his business cards somewhere. He owns the Graffiti Shop on Mill Ave. He donated $200 worth of product for the raffle.

        Please also add Kris Jonson–He is letting us borrow his PA system for the benefit at Caseys.

  23. Pete Facundo


    If you could put a ‘thank you’ link to the 85281st Neighborhood Operations Group, that would link your site to our Facebook page, it would be awesome–as we have a lot of members that are doing their best to help Alan and Jen getting back to normal that deserve a lot of credit.


    Pete Facundo
    85281st Neighborhood Operations Group

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