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Anybody have Connections?

Mai-Linh is looking into setting up a Thursday pub crawl for Alan and Jen.  She is working on pulling together ideas and organizing them before presenting them to the bar owners. If anyone has particularly great relationships with the bouncers, bartenders, owners of The Tavern, Casey’s and Cue Club and would like to accompany Mai-Linh to discuss things with them, please let her know!



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How to Help

The “How to Help” page will have an updated list of all current fund-raising efforts.  Just click on the link at the top of the blog.  That’s where you’ll find the Wells Fargo Account you can donate to as well as clothing sizes.

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Wheels are Turning

So far I’ve heard a few different fund-raising ideas tossed around.  As plans get solidified, let me know and I’ll post them so we can coordinate efforts and help out.  Here are some of the things I’ve heard mentioned though I know there are others. If you have any other ideas or details feel free to add.

  • Happy Hour at Casey Moore’s
  • Reverse Garage Sale
  • Well’s Fargo Account for Donations


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