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Any updates on how Alan and Jen are doing

Good News! – Status Update

Hurray, good news from Alan’s mom:

“Miracles do happen…Alan is going to be released from hospital in a few hours…yeah! His superhero strength was turbo charged by all of your positive energy, well wishes and prayers. THANK YOU ALL ! Keep it coming as he still has alot of healing to do!”



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Status Update and collections

According to Alan’s mom he’s been moved a few rooms down to room 15. She said “Here a downgrade is an upgrade as one of the nurses put it … We’ll take it.”

Collecting Photos

Just a reminder to send any photos you have of times with Jen and Alan to Matt Best, not just pictures of them but pictures of things they’d probably like to remember or events they were at.  Matt says he’s only received about 20 photos so far. His e-mail is listed here

Collecting Numbers

Now that Alan has his awesome new Droid phone he needs our numbers.  I can collect them if you want to e-mail them to me at  Otherwise you can probably leave a comment with your number on his facebook page.

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Status Update

Kyle’s Update for the evening:

“Just saw Alan. He is doing great. He was awake, alert, and crackin freakin jokes. It was hilarious. His personality is definitely intact. And he’s not taking any crap from the nurses. He’s still exhausted but so much better than when I saw him Wed.”

Glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction!

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The Latest

Lea visited this evening and said “He is doing wonderful! We were able to talk a bit and I told him how much we loved and missed him. He was so happy to hear that everything was being taken care of. He sends his love.”

Mandie visited Alan in the hospital earlier today and said, “Alan is off the breathing tube! Hurray! Our superhuman friend is doing so well. Opened his eyes for a moment but is sleeping like a rock.”

There’s been some great publicity around the Jester’Z benefit show.  You can check out Channel 3’s video coverage.


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Status Update

Here are a few Faceboook posts from Alan’s mom who is doing a great job of keeping everyone in the loop and helping keep Alan strong.  Nothing’s better for healing than a mother’s love 🙂

Part 1: Hi, Day 2 from Janet aka Alan’s Mom. I spent almost the whole day with Alan…it was one of the most fulfilling days of my life. He is doing so well that the doc and nurses are truly amazed. I had approx 4 or 5 10 minute “conversations” with him today where he was awake and able to nod yes/no to my questions and squeeze my hand. I can say I held his hand tight for over 8 hours today and wouldn’t let go just waiting for him to wake up again — it was awesome and a mother couldn’t ask for anything better given the circumstances. Kyle is right in his comment below – tonight we talked about Alan’s superhuman strength that is coming to the surface. I believe he just might be the next comic book hero so some of the fab 3 (or whatever it’s called) better watch out 🙂

Part 2/Day 2: The doc is pleased with what they have removed from Alan’s lungs and was able to view them with a camera today…ouch! within the next 24/48 hours they will be adjusting the ventilator to mimic our normal breathing pattern — apparently the machine pattern is initially set much differently — they will …then monitor his heart to be sure “normal” level would not be a strain. Hopefully those huge tubes in his mouth will be soon gone as a result. While the doc was unable to see his burns today, from what the nurses told him, his back in healing at an incredible fast rate — I am learning it’s the superhuman thing Kyle and I uncovered tonight! If all goes well, there very well may be NO surgery needed. This said, I was warned that now is the pt in the timeline where infection risk is high — in both lungs and back. Keep that positive energy going still — it’s helping. Of course Alan’s strength and courage is playing a huge part!

Part 3/Day 2: I continue to be amazed at the outpour of well wishes/prayers, visitors as well as the various relief efforts that are already underway. I always knew Alan was a special person and while I might be biased as his Mom, having so many truly caring and good friends such as each of you is a true testament to the man and woman he and Jen are. I say Alan is a superhero, but so are each of you. What you continue to do is amazing and I honestly believe has played an important role in Alan’s recovery to now. I am so thankful to have met so many of you while you have visited Alan…one “gift” you can say that has come of this. I want to thank you so much. Day 3 tomorrow and I know it will be even better than today — which was a GREAT day for me 🙂 With sincere appreciation and big hugs to each and every one of you, Janet


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Status Update

Alan’s mom Janet posted this on facebook. Figure I’d share it here as well.

“It’s Janet, Alan’s Mom again. It was so good to be here in PHX and be next to Alan. He is an induced coma through the weekend at a minimum. He continues to be in critical condition due to the inhalation issues and blisters that have filled his lungs. They are still cleaning soot through breathing treatments that have yielded positive results. They still have to deal with the burns on his back. Don’t listen to the CH 5 news tonight that said it’s his arms…where did they get that??? Jen was released today and doing well thank goodness. Docs are encouraging visitors as they claim Alan can hear us and it will make him happy. I hold priority though 🙂 Thanks for all of your support — I know Alan appreciates it.”


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