Saturday’s Status Update

The latest good news from Alan’s mom:

Hi, sorry for not updating lately it has been an action packed few days. Alan is doing very well. He is off the ventilator and awake and alert — even cracking jokes. The staff had him walking around a bit yesterday. They served Alan turkey dinner last night — no more feeding tube — yeah…! I could only give him 3 bites before he was sick but 3 is better than none. The doc told me they might release him on Tuesday if things continue to go well.

Funny story, I replaced Alan’s cell phone. Upgraded to the Droid. Before I left the hospital to get it, Guillermo said “you going to get the Droid” — Alan responded “it was all part of the plan, man” :). Of course we all got a kick of his Darth Vader imitation when he had his breathing treatment mask on…, too. Alan couldn’t let the opportunity of the mask with vapor coming out the sides go to waste. Kyle was there too — it was quite funny — our comedian is back!

Finally, I realized there was so much to bring Alan up to speed on. he did not know the extent of his injuries (glad to give him good long term news!), what had happened each day of his life this week, even how the fire started — it was an emotional discussion. I also shared with Alan all of love and well wishes that have been coming his and Jen’s way as well as the various relief efforts — he was truly amazed and thankful with all of his heart as am I.  I cannot thank each of you enough for all of the love and support you have shown him. I still have not booked a flight home and will stay close to my son, during this time I look forward to continuing to getting to know his awesome friends during the hosp visits.



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2 responses to “Saturday’s Status Update

  1. LC

    Lord Vader….riiiise….

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