Anyone have AAA?

Matt Guidi has generously volunteered to get new keys and a new alarm/remote start system into Alan’s car since his key fob melted in the fire.  He just needs help getting it from the apartment complex to Ultimate Electronics on U.S. 60 and Stapley Dr. The current alarm is active and so even when they have replacement keys it can’t be started until they disable the existing alarm and install the new one in the shop. It’s cheaper to put a new alarm system in than try to order a replacement key fob, but they don’t carry the brand that Alan originally had and the installers don’t program that brand.  Matt also got Ultimate Electronics to donate the labor. Does anyone know anyone who could arrange to get the car towed? If someone has a AAA membership they might get free towing.



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2 responses to “Anyone have AAA?

  1. Wendy Piatkowski

    I have AAA. Let me know when you want to meet at the condo.

    • Janet

      Alan’s mom here. I haven’t been on site for 2 days. Is this handled? Do I need to do anything? I will pay for towing if need be.
      Thank you,

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