Status Update

Here are a few Faceboook posts from Alan’s mom who is doing a great job of keeping everyone in the loop and helping keep Alan strong.Ā  Nothing’s better for healing than a mother’s love šŸ™‚

Part 1: Hi, Day 2 from Janet aka Alan’s Mom. I spent almost the whole day with Alan…it was one of the most fulfilling days of my life. He is doing so well that the doc and nurses are truly amazed. I had approx 4 or 5 10 minute “conversations” with him today where he was awake and able to nod yes/no to my questions and squeeze my hand. I can say I held his hand tight for over 8 hours today and wouldn’t let go just waiting for him to wake up again — it was awesome and a mother couldn’t ask for anything better given the circumstances. Kyle is right in his comment below – tonight we talked about Alan’s superhuman strength that is coming to the surface. I believe he just might be the next comic book hero so some of the fab 3 (or whatever it’s called) better watch out šŸ™‚

Part 2/Day 2: The doc is pleased with what they have removed from Alan’s lungs and was able to view them with a camera today…ouch! within the next 24/48 hours they will be adjusting the ventilator to mimic our normal breathing pattern — apparently the machine pattern is initially set much differently — they will …then monitor his heart to be sure “normal” level would not be a strain. Hopefully those huge tubes in his mouth will be soon gone as a result. While the doc was unable to see his burns today, from what the nurses told him, his back in healing at an incredible fast rate — I am learning it’s the superhuman thing Kyle and I uncovered tonight! If all goes well, there very well may be NO surgery needed. This said, I was warned that now is the pt in the timeline where infection risk is high — in both lungs and back. Keep that positive energy going still — it’s helping. Of course Alan’s strength and courage is playing a huge part!

Part 3/Day 2: I continue to be amazed at the outpour of well wishes/prayers, visitors as well as the various relief efforts that are already underway. I always knew Alan was a special person and while I might be biased as his Mom, having so many truly caring and good friends such as each of you is a true testament to the man and woman he and Jen are. I say Alan is a superhero, but so are each of you. What you continue to do is amazing and I honestly believe has played an important role in Alan’s recovery to now. I am so thankful to have met so many of you while you have visited Alan…one “gift” you can say that has come of this. I want to thank you so much. Day 3 tomorrow and I know it will be even better than today — which was a GREAT day for me šŸ™‚ With sincere appreciation and big hugs to each and every one of you, Janet



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  1. Hey Everyone-
    I created an image with the “Flash” logo that reads: “Alan Schuler is my Super Hero”. The link to download it is above. I thought we could raise awareness by making it your profile picture on Facebook.

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