Two New Ways to Help

1. Dig out those dusty photos in your cabinet or hard drive and send them over to Matthew Best who has taken on the important task of collecting and reprinting memories of good times with Jen and Alan.  He can accept both physical and digital copies.  Email him at to coordinate.

2. Laugh it up at the Jester’Z Improv Comedy show to benefit Alan & Jen.
Date:             Thursday, February 25th
Time:             6:30 pm
Place:             Theater 168 | 7117 E. McDowell Rd. Scottsdale, AZ   85257
Cost:             $15 a ticket
Reservations required: 480-423-0120



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2 responses to “Two New Ways to Help

  1. Rachel

    Hey guys!

    Because of my job, I have contacts at a lot of the news stations around Phoenix. I was just at the channel five studio and was told anything we want to promote on the news, they’ll do. SO… if we want to promote the comedy show benefit or any other fundraisers we are doing, let me know and I’ll do what I can to get it on the news.


  2. Julia Dane

    Hello Alan and Jen, I am a former Jesterz student and fan. I am planning a move in the upcoming weeks and have clothes that may fit you, Jen, as well as misc. Household items etc that I would be willing to give to you. Please contact Jeff for my phone number and or email as he should have it in his records from the classes I took last year.

    Julia D

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