Anybody have Connections?

Mai-Linh is looking into setting up a Thursday pub crawl for Alan and Jen.  She is working on pulling together ideas and organizing them before presenting them to the bar owners. If anyone has particularly great relationships with the bouncers, bartenders, owners of The Tavern, Casey’s and Cue Club and would like to accompany Mai-Linh to discuss things with them, please let her know!



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24 responses to “Anybody have Connections?

  1. Kyle

    Alan and I would talk to Doug The Tavern manager every weekend. I’d be happy to go in with you and speak to him. I’m sure he’d be pumped to help.

    • Mai-Linh

      Thanks Kyle! I am still working on getting some details and questions sorted out before heading out to the business owners. Maybe plant the seed with the Doug and let him know that details will follow.

      • Kyle

        Will do, Mai. I’ll see if I can get a contact for him and let him now the overview and will bring details later like you said.

      • Kyle

        Got in touch with Doug. He said Tavern is in for whatever we plan.

        Said for me to give him a call when we have a game plan. So I’ll set up a time for us to swing by and give him the proposal info.

  2. Kyle

    I’m also reaching out to my old co-workers at The Edge 103.9 and see what they can do to help.

  3. Jordan

    Thanks for putting this together, guys.

  4. I’m also checking with a Tempe Council member to see if there’s anything they can do or connections they can help us make.

  5. Kyle

    I spoke to the Promotions Director at 103.9FM. He’s putting together a some stuff to donate that we can raffle off at the bar events. Upcoming concert tix Flogging Molly, Muse etc. Picking up this week.

    • Mai-Linh

      Kyle- That’s great! I am working on the proposal tonight. Are you free tomorrow around 6 to talk it out with me?

      Adrienne- Awesome idea! In addition to the Tempe Council, I think the Mill Avenue Merchants might be able to help us with something. I’ll see if I can get an email or phone call out to them.

  6. Kyle

    Mai: Absolutely. Count me in.

  7. Michelle B

    I know a guy who is friends with the owner of College Dropouts on Forrest, i am forwarding on this website in hopes that he will offer to help with the pub crawl.

  8. Kate

    I know one of the managers at Chronic Tacos. I can see if he’s got any sway for us.

  9. Kate

    Actually got in touch with one of my friends who owns property on Mill –

    her name is Casaundra Brown
    she’s the director of marketing down here for DTC
    so she knows all the people to know”

    He thinks she’d be a good place to start for something like this.

  10. Mai-Linh

    Great! Awesome! Super!

    So many great options and ideas! Like I mentioned earlier to Kyle and Lea, this is open to everyone else who would like to help with these fundraisers, I am holding a meeting at my house tomorrow night around 6, 6:30. I will have a proposal drafted and want to talk out all the different options. If you can’t make it, no big deal. Send me a FB message with your ideas!

    Also, you can bring any donations over to store in our spare room.

    Thank you!

    • Michelle B

      I will try to make it over (work pending….)!!

      • Mandie Smith

        I’ll be there!

        I’m also working on raffle prizes:
        Dinner for two at AZ88
        $50 Gift Certificate to Lady Luck Tattoo

        • Mandie, did AZ88 and Lady Luck Tattoo donate those? I’ll put them on the Thank You list if so.

        • Heather Cornwell

          I’m sorry I can’t be there to help set things up, but I did have an idea that I could make phone calls on from DC. Janet mentioned on Alan’s FB page that a news station is interested in helping promote the fundraising. Maybe we could visit some local stores in Tempe, such as Fry’s, CVS, Urban Outfitters, Ikea and see if they would be willing to donate gift certificates, store credit or clearance items to Alan and Jen. They may be willing to help in exchange for some publicity on the news channels. Let me know if you think it’s a good idea. In person approaches to store managers probably works best, but I’m willing to make some calls. Thanks Mai for taking the lead on some of this!

          • Mai-Linh


            I agree. We know some people with some media contacts that we will use to get the word out on our fund raising efforts. I’m adding media contacts to our list! Thanks!

            • Mandie Smith

              I’ll have a $25 Gift Certificate in my hand for AZ88 tonight when Jay gets home from work (@AZ88). Thats for sure.

              As far as Lady Luck..nothing in my hand yet 😦

              • Excellent! I put them up on the thank you page. Any business that donates gets a link to their website. Good publicity for them since we’ve had over 4,000 page visits in just 2 days.

  11. Matt Guidi

    Drew at Cue Club is a family friend from Chicago if you need help setting anything up there.

  12. So… this Thursday (18th)? I’d like to contribute if I can.

    • Mai-Linh


      This will be our preliminary meeting to sort out ideas and make sure we have a solid plan of action. If you would like to join us, please do. My goal is to have a clear idea of what we have to work with and how to manage it appropriately.

      My email is

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